Meng V. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 5 years ago

More energy

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've taken Qualia. I work a 12 hour rotation shift. I'm experiencing less tiredness throughout the day. After work I still have full of energy to study and still focus with less fog and even more motivated to do so. I'm looking forward for the next few months to see if anything incredible or experiences changes.

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Matt D. November 16, 2017

Beautiful calm focus

Love the general sense of well being I get from Qualia! When taken as directed, it works wonders on a variety of levels, as advertised. Well done Nuerohacker!

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W . September 27, 2017

Optimal neuro nourishment

Just the right mix of productivity enhancing nutrients and flexible dosing options.

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Shane S. September 28, 2017


Single Order

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Mitch E. February 14, 2018

Wonderously Magnificent!

I just started taking Qualia, it’s been a couple of weeks , but I have noticed profound changes in mental, emotional , physical and spiritual aspects. This is a tool to enhance my well being and life. It’s like I get to swallow a piece of the sun and stars everyday. Nourishing me and enchanting ...

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