Abhi S. reviewed Qualia Mind Energy Shot

almost 2 years ago

Most unique energy drink on the market

I would give this product a total of a 4/5. Let's start with the positives. The drink says what it is sets out to do. It provides an amazing amount of energy throughout the week. I am working full time and doing a master's thesis part time and I had so much energy throughout the whole week to accomplish and keep up with all my tasks. Mostly would be 10-12h work days and drinking this in the morning I felt the prolonged effects and never really had a crash or dip in the afternoon. One of the side effects I noticed was that it seemed to curb my appetite as well which wasn't necessarily a good thing for me, but I never had that need to eat. I felt this each of the 5 days I've taken it. Another unique side effect was that my sleep latency was very fast. I habitually track sleep every night and my deep sleep scores increased day by day taking it as well (tracking with apple watch and autosleep so maybe not the best, but I have been consistent with it so take that data as you may). This could also be from working the long hours I was working, but my motivation and drive never waned. The one negative, which was pretty bad, was that it tastes terrible. It tastes like chalky medicine even with the hint of berry flavor in it, which is why I give it a 4/5. In the end I could stomach it properly, and I think all the positives outweigh the terrible taste, but to each their own. For an energy drink to have that sustained energy and also have a compounding effect day to day, with also increasing quality of sleep, I believe it to be the most unique energy drink on the market.

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Shawn W. February 8, 2021

Night shift booster

This energy shot helped me stay awake and focused during my night shifts at the hospital. I would recommend this to those looking for that focused boost without the crash.

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Aurora F. February 4, 2021

Good clean energy and clear head!

This product gave me good energy without the jitters. I also noticed my head and focus also improved!

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Steven M. February 5, 2021

Excellent boost in easy-to-take package

Nootropic Energy is a convenient and effective nootropic energy shot that provided smooth energy and concentration without a crash. I found it best suited to push through the early afternoon slump, and it was also an excellent adjunct as a pre-workout. Packaging made it easy to toss in a bag and ...

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Skylor S. February 9, 2021

Great product and very beneficial!

Great! Energy felt good and lasted. It didn’t make me feel jittery at all. Only change I would make is the taste or make a capsule form.

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