Amy S. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

Mother of 5, workout junkie, nutrition enthusiast...

Top notch supplement! Although I thrive on a healthy food regimen it just doesn’t always happen. I’ve done my research and Qualia has the “brain fuel” components I was looking for. It helps fuel my hectic mornings getting kids out the door, assists in finding my beast mode at the gym and curbs that post lunch slump. The price is steep but I always say, I’d rather invest now in my heath and fitness than have to pay later in countless medical diagnoses, labs and treatments. #Qualiaforlife

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Sergio G. February 5, 2018

no improved cognitive function

i have started as directed but have felt no improvement. I will continue the treatment as recommended.

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Neil . February 14, 2018

It works.. but

The product definitely seems to do what it is intended to. Thoughts seem more clear and concentration is easier to prolong. With that being said, the difference is not extraordinary for the price. I did not expect a "Limitless" experience and think the product does really work, but for the price ...

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Camille C. October 2, 2017


Single Order

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Greg . October 27, 2017

Student Improvements

My son is a junior in college. Since starting Qualia, his grades have increased one grade point so far this semester. Earlier this month, as a member of the men's tennis team he played his best match ever, coming close to beating a much higher-ranked player. For the past two years he has been pla...

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