Diane B. reviewed Qualia Mind

3 months ago



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Amorina L. October 10, 2020

Will give it a few more weeks

I think i feel good but I needed to focus to finish a course and I don’t see big improvements.

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Michael B. January 31, 2020

Incredible supplement

I've been taking Mind for two weeks and the change is simply amazing. My ability to focus has dramatically increased, my memory seems to be improving, I am more alert all day, and my energy level is much higher. I've always slept well, but it does seem that since I started taking Mind I'm much ...

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Michael F. May 2, 2018


This stuff is awesome!

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John Eaton December 10, 2019

Procrastination has ended

Been using it for three months now, regular flow states, feeling mentally strong, balanced, clear and sorted. Procrastination has ended, I just do it. Just an older average Joe who suddenly got focused, now planning and moving forward. It works for me.

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