Barry L. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 3 years ago

my non-experience

Hasn't done anything for me. I do not notice any difference in my perception or anything else after taking them - and I have tried between 7 and ten tablets in a day.

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Devin R. February 7, 2022

Good product but weird side effects

The effect is definitely there, makes me feel very focused, lasts all day and when I don't use it I can tell. The only strange side effect... It makes me sweat non stop! Sitting in a chair at a desk all day and sweating like a pig. After 2 weeks off the supplement the sweating stopped, the FIRST ...

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Tarik M. January 11, 2023

5 stars

steven f. May 3, 2023


I have been taking qualia for a while now and its one of the best stimulants for me, will recommend to others.

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Ricardo C. December 12, 2022

Great Focus and Attention

I noticed great focus and attention, especially when I read, wrote, drove, and communicated with others.

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