Randi M. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

2 months ago

My overall well-being felt better than normal.

I felt like I had more energy and my body overall felt better than usual. I deal with eczema and swelling in my hands and after taking the dose my hands felt lighter.I like all the packaging from all the products from Qualia. It’s professional and nice packaging. I appreciate all the science and all the work that goes into the products. The service is always professional and on point. I’m just really happy to have access to these products and I’m really grateful.

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Benjamin B. June 3, 2022

Wish I found this years ago.

I noticed I had wider range of motion in areas that had been stiff for years and was able to do much more yard work and manual labor without aches and tenderness the next day.I am very excited to add this to my monthly routine, and looking forward to seeing some long term improvements. So far I a...

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Sage H. June 1, 2022


All I can say is “wow!” Amazing product.Thank you!

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Emily B. June 6, 2022

Worth adding to my regimen

I did feel less inflamed on day 2 of taking this product. It is a supplement I would consider adding monthly as aging well is a particular concern of mine.I love that there is a monthly senolytic option!

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Fannie W. June 8, 2022

Positive Effects

Not certain of any definite effects. Yet, I felt at one moment that my vision became less blurry. The science of this product makes me excited and curious about its future, potential benefits upon my health. The packaging makes it very convenient to access the product. The service provided the mo...

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