Nicholas S. reviewed Qualia Life

over 1 year ago

My willingness to experiment has definitely paid off.

Although I wasn't initially as informed about Eternus (aka Qualia Life) before the trial as I normally would be before purchasing a supplement I was very aware of the integrity and efficacy of Neurohacker Collective's products so I knew it was going to be at the least worth my time and effort. After some reading I realized that Eternus contains many ingredients that I was already getting from other supplements, so I opted to substitute them with Eternus. The synergistic effects of the ingredients are incredibly well thought out and I believe that Neurohacker Collective's willingness to create such a high bar for themselves is truly the strongest draw of the product. With some of the ingredients the result is long term and cumulative, but I can certainly speak for the immediate effects in as far as dealing with stress or working on complex tasks. I simply found that it was easier to remain focused while staying in a comfortable yet mindful state of composure and that was worth the time, effort, and willingness to experiment. I look forward to experiencing the long term effects.

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Charles H. January 14, 2021

Might have been a positive experience?

I took it as directed for the week, everyday. I maybe felt more energy/motivation towards the end of taking, my spouse and I are moving and I packed more of my house towards the end than the beginning. I mean there’s much really to gauge off of with a week trial.

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George B. April 26, 2022

One of the best formula there is

Big fan of the product, have been using it for many months now with great results.

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felice b. January 18, 2021

Long lasting high energy and overall wellness

Within 2 days, I felt more energy, almost a physical feel within minutes of taking it and I remained well-focused into evening with no drop in energy. The combination is excellent and produces desired results. I assume these same results are internally superior as well. I take many supplements in...

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Matthew G. November 27, 2021

Best overall product

I've been using Neurohacker's products for years now, ever since the fist iteration of Qualia mind. Needless to say, I love their products. But, I keep going back to Qualia Life as I feel it's their best overall product and I can't afford to take them all. It has helped improved my mood, mental c...

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