Doug C. reviewed Qualia Vision

5 months ago


Didn’t notice a difference

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Kevin C. June 12, 2021

I love it!

My job requires me to work on either a computer or iPad for 8 hours a day. I feel that after taking this vision supplement I noticed less eye fatigue and dry eyes. I would like to continue this trial to see if it is still effective for a longer period of time.

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Michele L. July 3, 2021

Need more time to see results

I think you need to be on this a few Months. Can’t say I’ve had any major changes, but perhaps my vision up close has gotten clearer and less vague.

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Aaron P. July 18, 2021

Nothing yet..

Almost finished the first bottle. If there’s an improvement it’s not noticeable to me yet… also, when you call in for anything.. you never hear back.

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Bridget L. June 12, 2021

Vision endurance

because I'm literally on the computer for medical school all day long, I do notice on the weekends when I don't take the capsules I have a harder time paying attention and my eyes get tired so much faster. I'm noticing a slight increase in vision endurance and mental sustainability with screentim...

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