Derek A. reviewed Qualia NAD+

7 days ago

NAD+ bring health to the forefront

The investment in my health and keeping it in the forefront with incredible products, like NAD+, that Neurohacker supplies is worth it!!!

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Waylon M. May 6, 2024

Life Changing

Started taking NAD+ Along with Senolytic about two weeks ago. My cognitive performance has definitely been more focused and my overall attitude towards life has been amazing.

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Malia N. February 13, 2024

Feels Like It's Working

I have been taking an NAD product which I liked. The Quaiia NAD+ ingredients looked like it worked with more and different ingredients so I wanted to try it. I found that I am having to use less of a dose than what is suggested (2 capsules rather than 4) to achieve all day energy. This makes Q...

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Austin L. April 28, 2024


Excited to see what the effects will be

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Cynthia M. March 25, 2024

Qualia NAD

My skin is releasing congestion and old cells I have a new me!!🐎😘❤️

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