Lonnie W. reviewed Qualia Life

almost 2 years ago

Need more time and structured set of criteria for study.

Study is too short. I cannot tell the difference if it has helped me in a difficult work experience or not because usually I'm wired to solve problems and keep at it until its done. I would need more time on the Eternus and then have a period of not having it to see. And everyday was different. Some days I ate better so my energy was sustained. Some days I did not and my energy was down. Did Eternus helped during those low energy days? I don't know.

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Christy C. July 29, 2021

stop reviewing

I like the product and keep trying to receive it but the company is difficult to deal with. Locking my subscription without notification.

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Holly F. May 22, 2021


Have been taking for one month now and still waiting to feel a difference, going to take for one more month and make a decision.. too expensive to not notice a difference..

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Janice J. January 17, 2021

Could not tolerate dosage

I could not continue taking the required daily dosage. I tried to for 3 days yet each day experienced headache and slight anxiety.

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Andreas R. January 17, 2021

Eternus Beta Test

I noticed a slight boost to my energy levels and overall well-being.

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