Corinne L. reviewed Qualia Life

almost 2 years ago

Need more time to experience results

I did not experience much of a difference in anything after using it for a week. I think I may need more time to really make an assessment.

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Holly F. May 22, 2021


Have been taking for one month now and still waiting to feel a difference, going to take for one more month and make a decision.. too expensive to not notice a difference..

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Liz R. October 25, 2021

Great product

Helps with my energy and focus—grateful for a great product.

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Dan O. November 21, 2019

My energy levels are amazing with this product!! Don’t use a pre-workout at all anymore!!

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Steve H. January 14, 2020

Intentional moderate start.

Being a clean a sober for now ten years, you could understand my hesitation to any body/mind altering substance. I eased myself into a comfort level by increasing the dose weekly. My daily tasks and concentration has improved by leagues. Any concern of dependence or fear of wanting more, do...

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