Steve G. reviewed Qualia Mind

11 months ago

Never MInd

something inside this formula gave me oh such bad headaches. Qualia was great as they refunded me

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kevin s. October 13, 2020


I provided it for a month and despite being a large dose that you have to take, I did not feel any change in my consent or in my memory, I do not know if it is necessary to continue it and after a certain time you can notice the difference or maybe try others nootopics to compare them

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August 21, 2021

5 stars

Tyler W. April 2, 2021


You can tell a difference in the first week of using this product. I use to be lazy and had no drive to better myself, using this product I have the drive to better myself day by day.

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Thomas B. March 14, 2021

Qualia Mind review

I’ve tried multiple nootropics and is product is the only one where I’ve felt a significant increase in mental clarity and focus. Helps me to excel in my already fast pace career in healthcare industry.

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