Brian F. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 1 year ago


First time taking Mind. Wishing I had pulled the trigger long ago

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Starley R. March 12, 2022

5 stars

Spencer W. September 12, 2021

Subtly incredible

Subtly amazing, my focus is slowly becoming unwavering and unbroken

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Tauhidul O. May 11, 2022

Qualia Mind is leading the way for the Nootropic industry.

Truly one of the best focus supplements I've used. I love Nootropics and have sense that seperatetly they work well but this proves all the ingredients that are stacked together really get you focused. I like that I can control the caffeine intake with the caffeine free version since I prefer t...

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Shane N. July 12, 2022

5 stars