Stephen J. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

NO benefits noticed

I have not noticed any benefits. Also, this supplement upsets my stomach and I am therefore reluctant to take it anymore. I do not eat breakfast and my first meal is at 1:30. I was hoping it would help me to get through my full work day much better but this limitation is another negative issue.

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you for sharing your Qualia Mind product review. A small percentage of people may experience upset stomach; we recommend taking the capsules with food (smoothie, juice, soup, yogurt, etc) if stomach upset occurs. We issued a refund on your account in accordance with our refund policy. Typically, the biggest issue that will prevent you feeling the full effects of Qualia is sleep. Qualia works along the same pathways in the brain that move your memories from short to long term storage when you sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep or the right kinds of sleep than those pathways are unavailable and you will not feel Qualia working. Our recommendation is to pause taking Qualia and work on getting a lot of rest to get your body back on track. Get a lot of well uninterrupted sleep for 3-5 days and then resume taking Qualia to see if you notice a difference and can feel the effects of Qualia working properly.

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Brendan M. September 7, 2022

The Highest Quality Product at the Highest Price

I love Qualia Mind, as it has all of the nootropics you could want for focus, energy, and mood. The energy is good, I love the balance of Alpha GPC and Citicoline, and 90mg of caffeine is the perfect amount. There is so much in here that it is hard to tell what is making a difference, but I like ...

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Completely Amazing

Quails mind makes me feel like I’m firing on all cylinders. A total shift in focus and clarity, I am absolutely astonished at the difference I feel. Never want to be without them going forward.

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Rachael B. April 11, 2021

Too expensive Not enough to make it worth the price

Absolutely not worth the price. Effect was too subtle and only lasted an hour at most for me. I had high hopes but was disappointed. Couldn’t imagine paying so much for it- maybe if it was much much much much less expensive I’d be on board.

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Sherrod T. October 14, 2022

5 stars