Maren M. reviewed Qualia Night

over 2 years ago

No difference in sleep

I wear an Oura ring and did not see any difference in any of my sleep markers while using Qualia night for one month as directed.

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Maren, Thank you for trying Qualia Night. We are sorry to hear that our Qualia Night formula did not work for you. Our Customer Support team has reached out to you to provide a full refund on your order. Please reach out to the Customer Support team at [email protected] if you need anything further. Have a wonderful day! Kiki

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I had a great experience with this product, and I really noticed significant benefits in weeks 3 and 4, where my productivity increased quite a bit.

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5 stars

Rachel K. March 18, 2020

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Quick to sleep. Woke up rested and not drowsy.

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Gustavo F. August 26, 2020

Wake up Refreshed

For the 1st night I tried this formula it worked. I've been waking up rejuvenated daily and have been measuring my results on my OURA ring. I'll continue using the product and recommend it for my sales people out there!

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