Sridhar S. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 2 years ago

No effect

I did not see any change in anything. I did not suffer any adverse effects either.

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Justin L. August 21, 2021

Qualia night

Best sleep supplement ever

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Leah N. July 20, 2020

Great Product So Far

This has been great for winding down before bed. Overall my sleep has been great. Did see an increase in crazy dreams, but hoping that just means more REM.

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Rylen F. July 11, 2020

Seems to do something.

I would need to take this product for a longer period of time to be able to ascertain if it makes a substantial difference. I feel like I had less "bad" nights and more what I would call "moderate" nights of sleep while taking Qualia Night. I noticed that I experienced more dreaming then I typica...

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Leon B. March 18, 2020

Helps with deep sleep.

I had some difficulty with the product but it did improve my deep sleep.

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