Mario G. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

No effect yet.

Honestly - I do not feel a difference at this point.

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Max G. August 19, 2021

Feeling refreshed and alert in the morning

Alert in the morning for a few hours. Sleeping well

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Willis S. March 4, 2021

Sharp and motivated

Very positive

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Kelly M. May 30, 2023

Not Sure

I only noticed a slight or moderate improvement in my general focus and or concentration. That being said during the time I was taking it I was under a lot of additional stress. So may give this another try when not under this much additional stress.

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Gabriel Contreras C. January 9, 2023

Great Product

I recommend this product if you wish to heighten your mental acuity, ALL day. So long as you have your sleep, diet and exercise dialed in to allow it to work, it's not magic people it's science.

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