Scott K. reviewed Qualia Immune

10 months ago

No Effect Yet, Updated

I don't think I experienced any effect from the product.

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Mark H. January 27, 2021

Not impressed.

I think 5 days is too short of a trial. I didn't notice anything while taking the product. I don't feel better or worse.

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Daniel H. February 1, 2021

Made me feel good

I took the 4 recommended capsules in the morning with some food. I honestly didn't notice a difference in how I felt right away. It was later in the afternoon that I seemed to have a little boost in mood and alertness. I really didn't know what to expect from this product. Immune support doesn't ...

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Mike S. February 2, 2021

Too Early to Tell

I gave it a 4 star only b/c I can't tell how well it's worked, and I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. Overall, I feel about the same as normal and have enjoyed my health. I can only assume it's helping. I still feel like it's too early to tell.

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BRAD F. January 30, 2021


I noticed at work I just felt healthier than normal and had energy stores that lasted all day. Just a profound sense of well-being.

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