Javier S. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

No effects at all in 5 days

At the end no effect at all, but it could be because I use to eat and drink immune supporting foods like milk and water kefir, colostrum powder, fruits with Vit C like oranges (peel included), pineapple, raspberries and blueberries, and raw egg yolks. Also kind of dissapointed of the low content on Vit D3 (less than 1000 UI) and using Zinc Gluconate instead on Zinc Picolynate

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Patricia F. January 30, 2021

Too many pills to take otherwise it’s fine

I dislike swallowing pills so having to take 4 at a time is annoying to me. I took the product for a week and feel fine. No bad effects from it. Hopefully building my immunity!

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Victor P. January 30, 2021

Morning First Day


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Matthew C. February 6, 2021

Immune protection/preventative

I took this right around the time my coworkers started to come down with "the virus" I never experienced symptoms or anything. I'm sure Qualia Immune played a part in that! I'm definitely going to order another bottle!

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Rayan R. January 31, 2021

Good Product

I stay healthy and haven’t been sick in at least 3 years so I honestly couldn’t tell the difference with taking the product but I’m sure it did help my body. I personally didn’t feel or notice a difference taking it.

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