Kenan B. reviewed Qualia Mind

11 months ago

No improvements yet!

I have not really felt any improvements as of yet. It might be due to caffeine version but just requested the non caffeinated unit back. It was making my chest pound after 20 -30 minutes of taking. I have not felt more focus, improved memory, no positive thinking and any will power. I have increased my dosage to 10 pills. I still find myself getting worried and not confident about the memory and focus side of things. There might be still time I need to take for body to adjust. So, I will continue to get another bottle to see (this is the non-caffeinated pills) .. Will give that a shot. I am really hoping the pills work as I really it.

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Robin F. November 7, 2021

Love it for clarity

Great product! Really helps me feel clear especially in the morning.

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Gina I. May 10, 2020


Day one was terrific! Everything I needed. I felt good & (5) pills did the trick! Qualia did not work for me again... oh, I wish it had!

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Michael B. December 5, 2021

Fast delivery

Just recieved

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Jörg S. November 15, 2020

gentle breeze

As a weekend cyclist the metaphor of the title line seems fitting. Quality Mind offers a subtle but perceptible gentle push.

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