Norman O. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 1 year ago

No obvious benefit

I tried it for about 3 weeks without seeing any results. Did I stop too soon?

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you. Our system shows you reached out to our Customer Support staff. They have refunded the bottle in full. Our recommendation is to pause taking Qualia and work on getting a lot of rest to get your body back on track. Get a lot of well uninterrupted sleep for 3-5 days and then resume taking Qualia to see if you notice a difference and can feel the effects of Qualia working properly. Additional things that can make it less effective: not enough healthy fats in your diet, caffeine desensitization, too small a dose, not drinking enough water, cannabis or alcohol use, desensitization from other past stimulants or psychotropic drugs or meds. Please reach out to the support staff if you need anything further at [email protected]

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