Sam V. reviewed Qualia Immune

8 months ago

No significant effect

Didn’t see a significant improvement in immune responsiveness or general well-being. Generally felt more tired throughout the day - mid-day exhaustion was frequent during the trial period.

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Bill S. June 9, 2020

blah, blah, blah

blah, blah

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Alice W. June 17, 2020

Andrew L. June 18, 2020

I would definitely buy this product.

I noticed a jump in my mood and energy level during the first two weeks. The second two weeks didn't include any more changes in mood or energy level, but my body tolerated the supplement better than the first week. There was some minor nausea that lasted for about 20 minutes after taking the sup...

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Rene A. June 18, 2020

Improved sleep and well rested in the morning.

At first I did not feel much difference but by the third week I felt much better and energetic and my sleep seems to have improved.

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