Justin W. reviewed Qualia Immune

14 days ago


As of around 3 weeks ive experienced noice increase in attention energy levels , will let you know more once I recieve and use second bottle

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Robert E. January 22, 2021

Day 3; evaluation

I am not certain as to what impacts one would feel with an immune product. Having said that, I like this product, there is an overall good and energetic feeling through the day. I like the ingredients as well as the product as a whole.

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Joel B. January 27, 2021

Great approach to building the body’s resilience

Love the complexity approach, & the ingredient composition. No noticeable subjective difference, though haven’t been unwell and feeling reasonably energetic despite some sleep deprivation (living with a newborn)

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Dave F. January 31, 2021

Tried & True With Some Extras

Very nice immunity and system support blend. Appropriately dosed scientifically researched ingredients but also with some newer ones that I haven't seen in other products in this category. Overall very comprehensive and well thought out. Also, the bottle and silky label give it a super premium fe...

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Benjamin Z. January 31, 2021

Feels like my body is more resilient

Adobe using these, I have noticed a resilience to longer days and don't feel the same run down effect as before

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