Kurtis W. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 2 years ago

Not a fan

After using Qualia Night for a couple of weeks, it was clear that this was not for me. It relaxed me at night, and made me fall asleep faster. But I would wake in the middle of the night sweaty and anxious (which is definitely not normal for me). I dreamt vivid, disruptive dreams. I would wake up exhausted. The morning after the last night I took it, I woke up having an anxiety attack. I haven't had any kind of anxiety attack in over a year, and never ever have just woke up in the morning with one, or even had one at any time with no obvious trigger. This was a deal breaker. I immediately cancelled my subscription and stopped taking it. I haven't used Qualia Night in a week now, and I'm back to my normal sleeping patterns (which isn't great, but at least there is no anxiety on top of it).

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