Tammy B. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 1 year ago

Not anything to jump up & down about

Almost done with 1st month~ Not anything to jump up & down about

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Rolando C. February 9, 2018

Not what I spect

May work for some people but it wasn’t what I spect from all I read about it. It was like caffeine and that’s all and don’t drink coffee so was awful for me

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Tom . February 20, 2018

Two thumbs up

I've been using Qualia for about 3 weeks. I've noticed several profound effects including increased distress tolerance, enhanced auditory and visual processing, to decreased depression and distractedness. I'm very happy with this product and appreciate how it has increased my awareness around ...

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Arthur S. November 17, 2017

A Complete Paradigm Shift

Quailia has been instrumental in unleashing my full potential as a human being. This product has taken me from one “holy shit, I didn’t believe I could do that” moment to another in the mental, physical, emotional, intuitional, and spiritual facets. I would cut my internet bill before I cut Quali...

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LINDA O. February 25, 2018

No difference

No difference

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