Alison A. reviewed Qualia Vision

over 2 years ago

Not bad, but not much difference

I could not tell much difference taking the product. At first I thought it might be helping but then it didn't seem to make a difference.

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Fred C. July 16, 2021

Great Product!

Highly recommend for long periods in front of a computer! Very noticeable increase in eye strength and fatigue after an 8 hour workday. Almost no fatigue with this product and I use to experience eye fatigue after around lunchtime every day. Great product!

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Jameson G. June 13, 2021

Thoughts so far...

The first two days my eyes felt extremely tired and heavy, like I had taken a sleep supplement. I haven't noticed anything else so far.

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Joanna D. February 15, 2023

No Go

Unfortunately I do not tolerate it. I am sensitive to supplements and this one is no go for me. I'm sorry, I'm sure it would help me if I only could tolerate it.

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Abednego F. July 16, 2021

5 stars