Stephanie P. reviewed Qualia Immune

over 1 year ago

Not bad, not great

Generally good. Felt fine while taking it. I didn’t notice any significant changes as to sleep or energy. Definitely did not become ill, which is the point. I have a temperamental stomach, which this product softened my stools a bit, which was more annoying than problematic.

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Sarah M. February 2, 2021

Beta tester - 1 week for Immune

I didn't notice a major difference in how I felt each day, to be honest. Initially, I did experience good energy. The only adverse affect I experienced was some bloating on the second day of taking this (which was definitely not food related, but may or may not have been from the product). Ove...

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Maria M. June 19, 2020

Neurohacker loyal user

I felt great using this product. My REM sleep has decreased since I stopped using it. I had more energy and recovery.

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Ann J. February 2, 2021

Valuable product for increased immunity!

Felt increasing strength and vitality as the week went on; no adverse side effects!

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Michael C. January 29, 2021

Great way to help your body's immune system to achieve it's full potential

5-day trial is not a sufficient amount of time for an in-depth evaluation. That being said, I didn't get ill from the product nor while taking the product. In reviewing the website, I believe that it contains a sufficient amount of quality ingredients to build one's immune system. I only wish tha...

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