David D. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

Not good value

Very expensive for what you get. What the small print doesnt say is 7 capsules per day so $70 ish 1 weeks supply

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Brandon T. February 20, 2018

Qualia Time

Top marks for this mix of ingredients, it just flows, perception and awareness converge and enable serious quality time. Recommended for researchers who require focused attention, coffee 2.0.

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Matt B. January 7, 2020

Great Quality Supplement!

I have only tried Qualia Mind for my first time this morning and the fast acting results were astounding. Very impressed! Will consider purchasing again in the future.

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Joseph K. March 3, 2021

the first Qualia

the First Qualia Black was amazing, they must have changed the recipe, although Qualia Mind is good, the first Qualia was outstanding, I can't help but be bummed about it.

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Bryant B. September 16, 2021


Keeps you alert and sharp without the jitters like caffeine does.. I'd recommend it 👌

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