Anthony S. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

10 months ago

Not my favorite nootropic supplement.

It worked well to increase focus the first day by about 50% I'd say and then every day after that it appeared to have less and less of an effect. Also, the flavor and texture of the drink comes out like chalky candy.

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Robert E. February 6, 2021

Nootropic Energy 1 feedback survey

I really like this product and start my day taking this with my quaila Life. The price point is a bit steep for me to take it on a consistent basis, but if I could this would be my go to protocol.

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Jaylee P. October 29, 2019

Great Product!

Incredible product, I was able to feel more energetic and had more focus, and it also has an okay flavor! Would recommend to anyone who needs an energy boost throughout their day!

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Christopher A. February 8, 2021

Clean, smooth energy for the mind and body

This energy shot is not overwhelming yet powerful. It gives me energy to either tackle cognitively fatiguing work right away in the morning or to jump straight into a morning workout. It's clean energy from a company I trust. It does not give me jitters or a crash afterwards. I like to think of i...

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Darin B. February 5, 2021

It works, but not for me.

The first two doses had me a bit jittery, this sounds weird to say but I could almost taste the nervous energy during yoga practice. The 3rd to 5th doses were better, like I had acclimated to it. No significant increase in function. I actually feel better using Qualia Mind or simply micro-dosing ...

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