Kelly M. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

11 months ago

Not Sure

I only noticed a slight or moderate improvement in my general focus and or concentration. That being said during the time I was taking it I was under a lot of additional stress. So may give this another try when not under this much additional stress.

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James P. August 18, 2021

Week one

I noticed a definite increase in being able to focus for long periods of time on the tasks at hand. Experienced more energy during the day and had no problem sleeping at night. Looking forward to the next few weeks to see if the benefits continue to increase.

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Gavin C. February 15, 2022

Longer Focus

Increase focus capacity

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Fernando R. January 8, 2023


Is like a boom of clarity and a glare of focus energy!

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Giovanni C. August 18, 2021

Got food poisoning, so I had to take a couple days off. Excited to start taking it again tomorrow!

I woke up with food poisoning yesterday so I didn't it yesterday or today, but on the days I have taken it, my productivity has been good.

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