Danny K. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 5 years ago

Not what I expected

I love the mission from quaila and had high expectations. I’ve been taking it but haven’t seen results as strong ask I thought. I’m still taking it and wondering if there are any other variables that’s affecting it. At this time, it’s not working for to be honest.

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Doug C. November 20, 2017

Better than advertised

Qualia has helped me immensely. It’s keeps my brain sharp and focused all day long. I didn’t realize how much brain fog I actually had until Qualia actually helped remove it. Highly recommended

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Odette G. December 14, 2017


I'm on day two of my Qualia experience. Definitely noticed an immediate difference. I feel more focussed, but in a calm and gentle way. Every other cognition supplement I've ever tried has had an over-stimulating, 'speedy' effect on my system - so in this regard, Qualia represents a very welcome ...

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Eric M. March 4, 2018



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Alvaro E. November 3, 2017

Great experience

Exceded expectations, very confortable and overwelmingly positive feeling.

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