Travis F. reviewed Qualia Mind

6 months ago

Not what I was hoping for

I used it as directed and gave it a few weeks. I never experienced a difference in how I thought or felt. Didn't feel any different after Qualia mind than I did after a cup of coffee.

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Travis, thank you for sharing your Qualia Mind product review. The support team sent you an email with a few tips to ensure you are feeling the full benefits of Qualia Mind. Please reach back out to the support team for further steps. Thanks!

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Richard B. October 16, 2021

Seems to be a good formulation but It didn’t make a difference for me

Firstly let me say I already take a lot of supplements, many of which are in QM. I thought why not give it a try with their 30 day guarantee. Many of the reviews mentioned that almost immediate noticeable effects could be felt. I didn’t experience any effects so I canceled my subscription and a...

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Kenan B. December 28, 2020

No improvements yet!

I have not really felt any improvements as of yet. It might be due to caffeine version but just requested the non caffeinated unit back. It was making my chest pound after 20 -30 minutes of taking. I have not felt more focus, improved memory, no positive thinking and any will power. I have incre...

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Jesse R. February 20, 2018

Great stuff!

I enjoyed using this product and knew I could rely on Qualia for focus, clarity, and energy.

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Muriel E. June 9, 2019

Started out with just a few a day and then up to 7 in morning. Starting second week I really notice the lapses in memory and recall time are starting to disappear. I'm very impressed with this product and will certainly continue taking it. I take the Qualia Mind Caffeine Free product and the clar...

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