Michael S. reviewed Qualia Vision | Beta Tester

almost 3 years ago

Not worth my time

Not happy with this product, did not appear to assist with any vision problems

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John A. August 23, 2021

Good product

Helpful but not super noticeable. I did notice a small benefit but not a huge difference.

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Debbie B. September 1, 2021

I'm impressed!

I've had noticeable improvements with Qualia Vision. My close up vision has improved and I've noticed less eye irritation after being on the computer. While I don't have a desk job I am on the computer and phone...a lot! And I feel good about the ingredients, especially the astaxanthin. I'll defi...

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Amanda L. April 20, 2023


I would forget to do the five days on and two off but I feel like my eyes are happier

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Andy J. July 1, 2021

No short-term effects for me

Seems like a good mix of research-backed eye health ingredients, but I can't tell any specific effects from it yet.

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