Ray C. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago


Took as directed and found no difference in quality of Life!

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Hunter H. December 21, 2021

Didn’t work for me

Left me with headaches a few hours after taking it and I felt severely impatient after a few hours.

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Michael C. December 14, 2019

Aerographer’s Mate First Class Petty Officer

In short ... it’s just not nearly as good/effective as Nootropics Depot. I’m sorry I really wanted to love your product but it can’t compare to a Phenibut Phenylpiracetam Caffeine L-Theanine combo 🤷🏻‍♂️ Sorry

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jose m. October 5, 2022

2 stars

Edgar S. July 22, 2021

Best nootropic ever

I am impressed about Qualia mind, I felt tired the first 2 weeks, but after that the effects were amazing.. I had a very big problem with attention and focus, So I started to try nootropics about a year ago, and this product is Definitely the best at the moment, thank you for making this product....

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