Peter L. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 4 years ago

Noticed the difference!

After a few days I noticed the difference. I was doing a few sets of Dual N Back each morning and jumped from 6 to 9 n back on Qualia. Felt sharp overall. Going to continue using it.

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Julia R. December 4, 2018


Unless you are prepared for alert, mindful efficiency coupled with massive playfulness, do not even considering buying and taking this product!!;-)

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Jonathan T. June 2, 2022

Great motivation!

Super motivated! It really gets the ball rolling. Coffee got NOTHING on Qualia Mind!!

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Chelsea R. May 17, 2022

5 stars

Anthony M. August 18, 2022

Mind and mood enhancer.

This review is for one month use of Qualia Mind. I really felt a change in my concentration, energy, and mood. With that said, I believe it curved my unhealthful cravings. Now its really got me thinking what type of chemical imbalance I might've had that this supplement has helped with. I just or...

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