Lydia H. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Nurse's armor

I've felt great mentally and physically and haven't gotten sick!

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sarah c. June 18, 2020

Great sleep aid.

Though this supplement is advertised for immune support, the greatest benefit I enjoyed was sound sleep. After decades of waking up intermittently during the night, I slept 9 hours straight through without waking from the third day of taking it. I also felt I had more energy, but I suspect this ...

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Blake W. February 10, 2021

Energy and stamina

Felt more energy and stamina throughout the day after the 3rd day. Would be excited to try for longer to see what long term results are like!

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Dustin C. September 10, 2021

5 stars

Daniel F. January 30, 2021

Amazing Ingredients!

I think the formula of Qualia Inmune is amazing. I did their trial for one week and although I felt that you need more time to really see the benefits and effects, I did feel a bit more energized and focused through then day.

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