Mariandrea R. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 years ago

Odd effect

I'm very pleased with the support and attention I've received, I was very curious about trying Qualia and really hoped to get the expected benefits, however, it didn't really work for me which was very disappointing, I just tried it for a few days and I'm not sure what happened but I was feeling odd, I felt tachycardia and my hands were shaking, I felt oddly agitated, I stopped taking Qualia and got back to normal, it wasn't anything too bad and I didn't get anything checked, I just stopped because I wasn't feeling a positive effect, I do wonder what that reaction means, if there's a correlation with anything in particular, I would like to know if that's common or not, if there have been any similar experiences.

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Nothing to report yet

have been taking hte Qualia Mind for several weeks now but have nothing good or bad to report at this time

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Dawnmarie A. September 20, 2018


Not as good as I expected, however, i may need the focus formula, and not this one.

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Brain turns on

This leaves the mind with a light and energetic focus. Very effective.

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