Krizia B. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

OK product, wish I took it for longer time to access more accurately

Its hard to say if it had a notable effect on my immune system since I wasn't feeling sick to begin with, maybe if I took it for a couple weeks I'd notice something more profound. I did prefer splitting the recommended dosage into a morning and afternoon intake because when I took 4 at once I did feel slightly sleepy. In a good way but that's not condusive to the grind. I would give it a try again but for a longer time to see if it has a true effect in improving my immune system.

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Kawika M. January 30, 2021

Made me wonder about possibilities.

I truly wish you had considered offering more than you did for the study. You take a pain reliever for a headache and it works (or should) in an hour or two. But to experience a noticeable change in my body's immune system after just five days? Let's put it this way, if that had been the case, I'...

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Dave F. January 31, 2021

Tried & True With Some Extras

Very nice immunity and system support blend. Appropriately dosed scientifically researched ingredients but also with some newer ones that I haven't seen in other products in this category. Overall very comprehensive and well thought out. Also, the bottle and silky label give it a super premium fe...

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Sherri R. January 27, 2021

Day 4 Survey Response

I have not noticed any negative outcome from taking Immune. I also take Mind and have not noticed anything different taking both products.

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Gavin C. February 2, 2021


While using this product I noticed I was waking up rather early, 2-3 hours before my average waking, although waking early I felt refreshed and my nasal passages were more open and clearer. It was a bit of a rough week with more stress than usual, a week that could potentially lead to a cold, but...

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