John J. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Optimized Sleep

I feel Qualia Night helped optimize my sleep, from beginning to end. I was able to fall asleep with ease and get up with ease as well. During the night I woke up less, only to go to the bathroom mostly, and found that I had longer periods of deep sleep. The true benefit came from my waking hours though. I've been a regular user of Qualia Focus, and the two paired together seemed to increase my productivity, helped me keep a better mood during stressful moments, and provided a clarity that kept me motivated all day long. Prior to taking Qualia Night, I still managed to get 7-8 hours a sleep at night, but I found myself in a groggy state in the mornings that took about an hour for me to get out of. This slow start impacted my mood and motivation. Qualia Focus had helped that, but that took some time to take a affect. Qualia Night almost eliminated that from my mornings. My body was still a little tired when I woke up, my mind was refreshed immediate which sped up the amount of time my body needed to get going. Within 15 minutes of opening my eyes, I was ready to get the day started. I've tried other products before to assist with my sleep, but nothing has been effecive as Qualia Night. I'm a software developer who works at home, and I've always felt sleep was the key to my success. The way I start my day typically dictates the way I end my day, and the days where I have an extra groggy morning are the days I struggle with creativity and grit. Qualia Night elmintated those mornings for me, and so my days have started and finished strong. And with Qualia Focus, I feel strong all through out my day, morning, noon, and night. Both products are an excellent combination. My one critique is the dosage (the same goes for Qualia Focus). I understand why the dosage is the way it is. However, it would great to get the same formula with the same effect in a soluble powder. That would make it easier and more pleasant to ingest.

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I have been on a quest for better sleep for a very long time. I have tried several “hacks”, supplements, and activities. They certainly did improve but nothing as noticeable as the Qualia Night. Using my Oura ring, Biostrap and whoop device i was able to see noticeable improvements in deep and Re...

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Dr. Richard P. October 22, 2020

Qualia NIGHT is indeed different

After studying Dr. Kelly’s rationale behind the NIGHT formula - and respecting and aligning with his decion-making process - I was curious as to what my personal experience would be. Turns out I slept more soundly, more deeply, and felt more rested upon rising. Very pleased have this product avai...

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5 stars

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Great product!

I got very restful And quality sleep each night without feeling overly drowsy the night before or then next morning. Qualia night is different from any other sleep aid because rather than forcing your body to fall asleep, it Naturally supports and up regulates all the systems responsible for a de...

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