Brian R. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 2 years ago

Optimizing my brain function with Nootropics changed my life

I have been using Nootropics for several years and I am using Qualia now, because several of the best thinkers in the world recommended this brand. I believe they have created the most sophisticated nootropic that is currently available. As a very ambitious person who's dramatically changed their behaviors, lifestyle, and trajectory through human optimization, I always want to purchase the best sourced supplements that are available. As expensive as they are, nootropics have consistency helped me in the advanced work and research that I do on a daily basis. Although, I would recommend them to anyone who is actually empowered to get healthy, fix themselves up, and perhaps even help make some positive change in the world.

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Caffeine Free might be better than original

You can adjust the dosage and possibly have a better effect than the normal qualia mind

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Moe A. December 30, 2022

5 stars

Garett S. September 24, 2022

Love it

Exactly what I needed for my day.

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Leah S. March 8, 2023

4 stars