Brendan B. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

Perfect supplements to a busy mind

We have all seen the videos that proclaim great things of a supplement and then you buy them and find out the only thing you gained was very expensive piss. Well Qualia MInd changes all that, they work and they work well so dont waste time on cheap alternatives, you get what you pay for my grandma used to say and what you get with Qualia Mind is results. More focus, more energy, better motiviation, less comfort eating, no mid afternoon tiredness. I bought these as part of my going vegetarian to supplement certain key vitamins and i am feeling on top of the world. You have to do your bit though stay busy and find your purpose, there is no such thing as a miracle cure but there are definitely things that will boost your ability to get where you want to be and Qualia is one of those things.

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I've noticed an improvement in my cognitive performance but I don't know if that's because of Qualia to be honest. I'm a Nursing student and I'm constantly studying although it was harder for me to comprehend last semester. This semester seems easier but maybe that's because of Neuroplasticity. I...

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Seems to have a positive impact on my ability to focus, tune some surrounding noise out to a degree and feel more pleasantly cooperative in tasks.

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