Matthew K. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

11 months ago

Phenomenal Products & Even Better Customer Service

By far and away the best nootropic I have ever had. Beats everything by some distance. I have had both the energy shot and the mind and for my next order I have added the whole stack (immune & sleep). I am a banker for a living and have tried a lot of different things to help my mind stay sharp. The mind gives you intense focus and the drive to do the things on your list. I feel like I am calm yet clear as I work through my day and even when talking my vocabulary is more diverse and sentence structure flows better. The energy shot is 50x better than any coffee, I wouldnt drink it for the taste, but that's not what I am in the market for. Gives a great energy boost which comes on slower than most caffeine products and sustains me throughout the midday & afternoon period. I haven't had any trouble sleeping with it either. On top of the products, the customer service is second to none - when I deleted my tracking email & activation link NH responded within the day, setting me up with a temporary password and emailing me the tracking no. They also stand by their products which I respect a lot. I really cant speak highly enough of this business.

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Collin E. May 3, 2019

Slightly different

I feel a slightly more energetic, motivated, and light hearted. Overall, the effects are slight.

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Productive and clear

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jon h. November 18, 2019

I would need to experiment with a 7-10 day trial to give any meaningful feedback, in my opinion.

to be honest, a two day trial is much too short in my opinion to provide any meaningful feedback. and my schedule was such that I tried a bottle one morning and then I didn’t use the second bottle until one morning a few days later. I did feel more alert but I couldn’t tell if it was different...

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