Fannie W. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

6 months ago

Great Health Enhancement Potential

t seemed to enhance the effects of my regular supplements. I was energized and alert.

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Michael F. May 26, 2023

Thanks Qualia!!

I’m really happy with the results I’ve notice within just one month of using Senolytics!!

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Susan D. August 20, 2023

I will not give my credit card number so won't order more, I only do paypal. I do like the product.

Disapointed that you don't have paypal but gave 5 stars for this product as I felt more energetic within the first week of taking it.

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Denne W. July 27, 2023

A Hopeful Product!!

I just finished my first order last week. I did notice a subtle difference on days 4 & 5. My hope is that future use will continue to improve my health and well being by killing off more and more of those nasty zombie cells. I’m hopeful 😊

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Lilia H. May 2, 2023

Gracefully Growing Younger

I'm very intrigued in the science of Qualia Senolytic. For my first dose I can feel a slight positive difference in the tightness of my neck and other joints. I'm so looking forward to continuing Qualia Senolytic and benefiting a better quality of life both mentally and physically.

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