Connor U. reviewed Qualia Mind

10 months ago

Pre-test Mindfulness

I purchased Qualia Mind and started taking it about 2 weeks before a big (career dependent) test. This could be partially due to a placebo effect, but I feel more confident about my ability to perform in class and (definitely not placebo) find that memory recall takes a bit less effort. The only thing barring me from rating 5 stars is that, while I do find it more easy to enter the flow-state, I also find my mind bouncing around to different thoughts at times, although way less than with caffeine or with energy drinks. I think reducing the daily dose should mitigate those effects though. One thing is a must though: Get adequate sleep and eat clean. Your body needs to be in a good state for Qualia Mind to produce noticeable effects. I tried Mind Lab Pro about a year ago, but this product absolutely stands in front of the competition.

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