Connor U. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 years ago

Pre-test Mindfulness

I purchased Qualia Mind and started taking it about 2 weeks before a big (career dependent) test. This could be partially due to a placebo effect, but I feel more confident about my ability to perform in class and (definitely not placebo) find that memory recall takes a bit less effort. The only thing barring me from rating 5 stars is that, while I do find it more easy to enter the flow-state, I also find my mind bouncing around to different thoughts at times, although way less than with caffeine or with energy drinks. I think reducing the daily dose should mitigate those effects though. One thing is a must though: Get adequate sleep and eat clean. Your body needs to be in a good state for Qualia Mind to produce noticeable effects. I tried Mind Lab Pro about a year ago, but this product absolutely stands in front of the competition.

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Best Mind product ever + Best support team

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Grace S. August 9, 2020



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aldo r. August 27, 2023

Great for focusing on difficult projects and tasks

Qualia is great for for focusing and getting things done even when you feel that you lack the motivation or drive.

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Andrew W. September 4, 2020

1st product is working well so I've decided to try a few more.

1st product is working well so I've decided to try a few more.

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