Nic W. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 5 years ago

Pretty good.

Nothing amazing, but I feel some mental focus and acuity between 3-7 tablets

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Robert T. October 30, 2023

Mind is a game changer!

We love this product. I’ve been recommending this to other cause it works so good. I’m an artist and this product puts me in the zone! Thanks Qualia. I will definitely be ordering more.

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Bob M. July 3, 2021

So far, so good

I have been using Qualia Mind for about 2 months and feel like it is having a positive effect on my focus.

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Jaden C. May 15, 2023


Oscar N. December 5, 2021

Improved memory

I tend to forget things very often and this helped me with not only my memory but also with being able to recall it quicker.

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