Monica O. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

Product review

Definitely noticed a difference

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Tyler N. February 9, 2022

Review and suggestions.

When I took it of course I felt more clarity, I would suggest adding a good version of lions mane though. Make sure you get the fruiting body.

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Lori F. March 8, 2023

Great mental boost

Felt more clarity and alertness during the entire day using this product!

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Alexander M. April 15, 2022

Great lasting results!

The performance that I experienced early while taking Focus has lasted through my first three weeks with it. I'm happy to say that I haven't experienced much if any drop off in performance which is really rare with a caffeinated supplement. It has been a great start. I'm very happy with Focus!

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Gavin A. July 10, 2023

Store ready

Love product only bad effect is everyone other take I get a little upset it I don’t have it but I believe that’s just the caffeine effect but besides that great product put on shelves immediately

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