Engy T. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 4 years ago


This is my 2nd day trying Qualia Mind. I couldn't take more than 5 capsules on empty stomach as it smells like Salmon Fish 😵. That makes me feel to vomit!! I won't be able to use it any more. I might go and give another try to Qualia Focus then!!

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Jameson Randle Corye J. May 24, 2022

A great learning experience

Productivity and focus were so off the charts I knew real quick that nootropics definitely can help in overall mental health

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Matt H. September 15, 2020

Not Sure

Based on the reviews I've seen, I was hoping for substantial noticeable changes in my concentration and cognition, but I'm on my second week and though I believe mental cognition has improved some, I have no reason to apply it to Qualia and neither is it a substantial improvement. Last week I had...

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Ashley M. October 6, 2022


I have just received this in the mail. I am excited to try this as well as confident it will work for me.

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Melissa S. November 16, 2022

The Real Deal

Don't judge until you try.........has massively changed my energy and mind

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