Jonathan L. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 2 years ago

Qualia and Eternus: two great products

I was looking into products to improve memory and cognition as I near 65 years of age and don't plan to retire. As a counselor and meditation teacher, my memory and ability to speak clearly are critically important. I noticed both flagging in late November. Since taking both Qualia at first, and then adding Eternus after a couple of weeks, I've noticed a terrific increase in mental clarity, focus, quickness of mental responses, better ability to recall things more quickly, and an overall feeling of well-being that would be hard to describe. I did have to adjust the dosages down a bit, so as not to feel a bit like a locomotive at full speed; however, I now have the energy to continue working through the day without the need for a nap! Even working with a naturopath for a couple of years, I've never had the clear progress in energy and functionality that I've seen with Qualia and Eternus. Bravo folks, great work!

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