Jim b. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago


I've been taking 7 capsules per day and noticed little difference from mind life pro. Please refund.

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Frank S. May 26, 2020


My memory has been better than it’s ever been. The only reasons I’m not giving it 5 stars are A) there is a fishy aftertaste I’m not crazy about and B) it has decreased my sleep quality/duration.

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Natasza Z. December 13, 2020

Supportive alongside my other mental, physicsal and spiritual hygene practices

I have been taking Qualia Mind for two weeks and so far I sense that it is giving me a subtle and gentle support for mental focus and stamina, not a hyper stimulated, zippy kind of quality. I find that I'm more balanced mentally with an 'I can do it' attitude.

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Drake k. February 20, 2018

The new qualia formula is next level

High level of focus and motivation, easier to take only 1 step

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Tim S. August 2, 2021

Love the product hate the sales model.

I really like the Qualia Mind. I can notice a difference. I hate the smarmy subscription model. It took me quite some time to order because of it. It reminds me of porn sites and magazine scams. In fact I hate it so much I docked two stars.

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