Kylan W. reviewed Qualia Focus

12 months ago



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Dean R. April 28, 2020

No Diff

I've only been on both Focus and Eternus for a week but can tell no difference from before. The Saturday and Sunday I took off left me with a mild headache all day. Back on both today but, again, no diff. Headache is gone, though.

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Cristina . July 13, 2020

great product

focused less distractions energy in beginning was nauseating but after 2 weeks was all good

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Joey C. January 31, 2020


Well researched product! However, I would like to see some changes to the mind and focus products: Make it a grain-free product (e.g.: use tapioca starch as opposed to rice) Add lion’s mane (500mg), lithium orotate (5mg), riboflavin (2mg) and methyl-folate (400mcg), Cognivia (sage extract; ...

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Chang H. February 20, 2020

It doesn't affect me at all.

I wasn't sure about the product before I am sure after taking it. It doesn't work for me.

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